Saw Palmetto’s Benefits for Women

Saw Palmetto’s Benefits for Women

A very popular herbal supplement in Europe known to be effective for reducing symptoms of benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) common in men, Saw Palmetto has increasingly been linked to other uses such male-pattern hair loss, as well as the “theorized” Saw Palmetto’s benefits for women, including hirsutism and breast enlargement. Generally, Saw Palmetto has not been recommended for women’s use, because of certain side effects, especially for pregnant and breast feeding women; however, some companies have promoted the product as a “bust-builder” and reducer of hirsutism in women.

Hirsutism in women can be quite an embarrassing condition; hirsutism is believed to be caused by excessive androgenic-hormone levels that cause the growing of too much hair, often in the wrong places for women. The main androgenic hormone that is involved in hirsutism is testosterone; a large number of testosterone is normal for men but not for women; this testosterone in both women and men, are changed into a stronger hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) that motivates hirsutism. When women have plenty of them, they tend to grow hair in unwanted places like the face, particularly man-like hair above the lip; this can be unsightly when you’re a woman.

Saw Palmetto’s benefits for women with hirsutism condition have not been confirmed, but it is “assumed” to block these testosterone conversion and inhibit DHT, thus reducing hirsutism in women; these assumptions however, are only based on how Saw Palmetto works for BPH, there has been no confirmed clinical studies of its use for hirsutism nor its effectiveness; still some women have used the product for this treatment.

Another anecdote of Saw Palmetto’s benefits for women is breast enlargement. Again, this use of Saw Palmetto has not been verified yet although newest studies are still on the process of linking Saw Palmetto benefits in repairing the mammory cells of women and promoting bust enlargement. Caution should still be taken when using the product for this purpose, as certain side effects may be probable.

Saw Palmetto’s benefits for women have not yet been scientifically established, although some women have tried it for the aforementioned purposes. Its effectiveness and safety however, has not been really proven. It still needs further comprehensive scientific investigations for the product to be truly recommended for these uses. Women planning to take Saw Palmetto for hirsutism or breast enlargement should consult their physician and discuss the issue before beginning the therapy.

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