Prostate Health and Saw Palmetto

Prostate Health and Saw Palmetto

For a man to assume that sexual decline is some natural process in aging is severe misinformation. Sexual decline may be result because of aging, but most of the times it is because of serious prostate health problems, prostate health problems like BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) or Prostate Cancer.

It is easy to detect BPH symptoms, but prostate cancer no. Prostate cancer rarely manifests itself unfortunately. And when you do detect prostate cancer, by that time the malignant growth had spread over to parts of the body. That means, in order to be alert of prostate cancer, aging males approaching 40’s and 50’s should submit to annual PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) testing and DRE examinations (Digital Rectal Examination).

Additionally, no man needs to assume automatically that medical treatment of prostate health problems always equates to the loss of several sexual functions, like erectile or ejaculatory dysfunction. It has become standard belief too that medical treatment of the prostate problem would mean surgical removal of parts of the male anatomy, which is of course misplaced.

Newer techniques in suppressing the androgen testosterone don’t mean surgical or chemical removal of the testicles. That is because androgen deprivation therapy techniques of today make use of enzymes like 5-AR inhibitor to block the switching of testosterone androgen to DHT.

-Without starving the whole body of the essential hormone testosterone.

That is why prostate health and saw palmetto works together marvelously. It seems prostate health and saw palmetto compliments each other in every detail. Saw palmetto is an herbal extract of a plant sharing the same name. In the past it is commonly taken by men to improve urinary function, hence why it is an effective treatment to sufferers of an enlarged prostate glands, or BPH. And likewise, since prostate cancer sufferers exhibit symptoms of BPH, saw palmetto works beautifully with them too.

How can saw palmetto aid you? As an excellent inhibitor 5-alpha reductase, it prevents formation of testosterone to DHT, a substance that promotes cancer cell growth. By also having anti-inflammatory characteristics, prostate health and saw palmetto works harmoniously by reducing the size of the prostate and relieving the stress of the gland against the bladder. And unlike surgical ADTs, saw palmetto therapy doesn’t deprive your body of the essential hormone testosterone.

Prostate health and saw palmetto work together superbly, and that’s a fact. Don’t wait until you suffer prostate problems, take saw palmetto as your health supplement and enjoy a prostate problem free prime.

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